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Back Dimples

Last reviewed by Dr. Raj MD on January 12th, 2022.

Do you have back dimples?

Find out what is the meaning of back dimples and how to get them? Does everybody have them and how to make your back dimples deeper.

Back dimples are attractive

Back dimples are usually found just above the place on your lower back where your buttocks meet. Back dimples generally cause no problems but in some cases they may be connected to an abnormality or problem with your spine. If there is a problem or abnormality they are usually found by a child’s pediatrician early in their life. It can even be found by the obstetrician who delivered the baby. Not everyone has back dimples but it is thought that approximately two percent are born with them. Many times back dimples are thought to be a mark of beauty because of one of the other names for these dimples, Dimples of Venus. Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty.

Other names for back dimples

  • Sacral dimples β€” this name derives from the word sacrum. It means a bone at the base of your spine that is shaped like a triangle
  • Pilonidal dimples
  • Dimples of Venus

Back dimples Picture

Abnormalities or problems with the spine

A back dimple may indicate:

  • Spina bifida, which is an incomplete closing of the membranes that surround your spinal cord and your backbone
  • Kidney problems
  • Tethered cord syndrome β€” normally your spinal cord hangs freely within your spinal canal but with this syndrome tissues attach to your spinal cord and limits its movements

The risk of developing a spinal problem increases if your back dimple is accompanied by certain types of skin discolorations, skin tag, or a nearby tuff of hair. If there are any questions or concerns that the back dimples may cause problems or abnormalities of your spine the physician may do an ultrasound or MRI.

When to call your physician

If your child has back dimples and the areas that are around it becomes swollen or red or is leaking any type of fluid you should contact your physician. Most of the abnormalities or problems with back dimples normally happen later in life.

Cyst formation in the area of back dimples

At times a cyst can form around a back dimple. If this happens you should see your physician. This type of cyst is referred to as a pilonidal cyst and can result from oil that has built up in the area. The terminology pilonida means nest of hair so if you have a large area of hair growth around your back dimples this can also contribute to cyst formation or even collects within the cyst. Other reasons you might have a cyst there is bacteria being present that can form from fecal matter, or friction. To get rid of this type of cyst it will need to be removed surgically.

Causes of Back Dimples

Back dimple picture
The main cause of a person having back dimples is having a shortened ligament that stretches between your skin and posterior superior iliac spine. It is also genetic in nature so if one or both of your parents do not have back dimples you will not have them either.

Exercises to help develop Back dimples

Back dimple image

  • Superman β€” lay face down on the floor or exercise mat and raise your legs and arms toward the ceiling keeping your feet together. The only part of your body that should be touching the floor or exercise mat is your stomach. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat three times.
  • Dead lifts β€” put your feet beneath the bar and squat down. Grasp the bar with your hands being a shoulder width apart. Lift the bar by extending your knees and hips to their full extension. Do three sets of twelve.
  • Bulgarian split squat β€” extend one leg back and put the top of that foot on a bench or chair. Squat down and flex your hip and knee of the front leg until the knee of your back leg almost touches the floor. The back leg is the one on the chair or bench. Return to original standing position. Do three sets of twelve on each leg.
  • Arm and leg raises β€” keeping your back straight put your hands and knees on the floor or exercise mat. Extend your left leg and right arm out into the air but make sure that you are keeping them aligned to the floor or exercise mat. Go back to your original position and do the opposite leg and arm. Do each side fifteen to twenty times.
  • Hip bridges β€” lie down on your back with your feet flat on the floor or exercise mat and your legs bent, keeping your arms down at your side with hands on floor.. Slowly lift your hips off the floor until your upper body forms a straight line with your legs, using your hands to stabilize your body. Hold as you count to five and then go back to the original position. Do this fifteen to twenty times

You can also walk, jog, or run thirty minutes a day several days a week as part of your exercise routine. Aerobic exercises are also good. Although this is not an exercise if you are overweight you should go on a healthy diet and exercise regime to help lose weight.

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