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Itchy Bumps on Scalp

Last reviewed by Dr. Raj MD on January 12th, 2022.

Your scalp is the protective layer of skin that covers your head and consists of tiny follicles that are supplied with blood vessels. They are packed closely to each other and are what your hair grows from. Because your scalp and hair get exposed to various external factors this can cause problems such as itchy bumps on your scalp. Although these bumps are not contagious they can be irritating and annoying along with being unsightly to look at.

Symptoms of Itchy Bumps on Scalp

The most common symptom that most people experience is itching. The areas of your scalp where your itchy bumps are have an uneven surface due to scabs on the bumps. You may also have bleeding or oozing in severe cases and this can also happen if you try to comb your hair and disturb the scabs or you pick at the scabs.

What are the Causes of Itchy Bumps on Scalp?

There are many different reasons why you would have itchy bumps on your scalp and it is important to know what is causing them to get the right treatment.

Some of the reasons can include:


These are usually caused by an allergic reaction and can appear as one big bump but are really several little bumps that are packed closely together making them look like one large bump. They can also appear as red lesions.


The two types of cysts that you can have are sebaceous and epidermal that can cause you to have small boils on your head. It is a small sac that found underneath your top layer of skin and is normally filled with a white, oily substance that is semi-solid.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is a skin disorder with symptoms of blisters that are pus-filled, inflammation and itching. It is also referred to as cradle cap in infants.


If your hair follicles accumulate excessive dirt, natural oils, and cell debris you can get acne that can cause itchy bumps that may even at times hurt.


These infections can include psoriasis, chickenpox, staphylococcus bacteria, and ringworm that can not only cause itchy bumps on your scalp but could also spread to other places on your body.

Parasites – these can include head lice and scabies-causing mites


This is an infection of your hair follicles that is caused by a type of bacteria. This type of itch bumps on your scalp are also red, painful, and take the form of boils that are tender when you touch them

Skin cancer

If you have a growth of cancer cells on your scalp it can lead to painful itchy bumps forming on your scalp.

Psoriasis – this is when you have thick itchy scales.


The treatment used depends on the cause so this is why it is important to see your dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis on the cause.

  • Hives – your dermatologist or physician will have you take an over-the-counter antihistamine or give you a prescription for a stronger antihistamine.
  • Cysts – either type are generally treated by surgery to remove the cyst and its content.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis – to treat this medical condition you should use medicated shampoos which you can get over-the-counter or get a prescription for stronger medicated shampoo from your physician or dermatologist.

General treatments for itch bumps on scalp can include:

  • Eating a diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help boost your immune system
  • Drink plenty of water to help detox your body
  • Use over-the-counter shampoo that is formulated especially for treating your itchy bumps on scalp. This type of shampoo has ingredients like tar, zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, ciclopirox, and selenium sulfide. Any of these ingredients will help to reduce the feeling of itchiness
  • Keep your scalp moisturized by massaging your scalp with a little bit of antibacterial condition after shampooing. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and then rinse it off. If you want you can also rinse your hair using apple cider vinegar

Home remedies for Itchy Bumps on Scalp

Some home remedies that you can use include:

  • Use tea tree oil to massage into your scalp to help kill the bacteria that is causing the infection because tea tree oil has antibacterial properties
  • To help reduce the itchiness and inflammation use lavender oil
  • To help treat the infection fast use rosemary oil for its antibacterial properties
  • Soak a fourth cup of oatmeal in water for fifteen minutes and then strain. Add five drops of rosemary oil and five drops of lavender oil. After mixing well massage the mixture into your scalp and leave on for thirty minutes before rinsing out. This will treat the itchiness and dryness instantly.

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