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Lump in Earlobe

Last reviewed by Dr. Raj MD on January 12th, 2022.

Finding a lump in earlobe can create an uncomfortable condition and cause you to spend time thinking about what could cause it. When you find this lump in earlobe it is best that you make an appointment with your physician to find out what the cause is because there are many different things that can cause it. Most of the causes are not life threatening. It is a fact that not many people suffer from lump in earlobe

Causes of Lump in Earlobe


This is a localized skin inflammation that occurs because of over activity in the oil glands that are located at the base of your hair follicles. Acne can occur in any part of your body but it is mostly observed on your neck, hands, face, etc that are usually exposed to the atmosphere. Your earlobes are one of the body parts that are usually always exposed.


Many people have pierced ears and when you have your ears pierced the earlobe becomes injured due to the sudden removal of a small part of the skin there when the needle used for piercing makes the small hole for the earring. While it heals you may see redness, a lot of discomfort such as a burning sensation and pain, and swelling so it appears as a small lump in earlobe.


This is the inflammation of one or more hair follicles on any part of your skin which happens when an infection that causes micro-organisms enter a follicle that has suffered some type of injury or trauma. Although it is more commonly found on the scalp it can occur on your earlobe as well. The reason it might occur on your earlobe is because of irritation due to some type of earring.


This can get triggered in any cell in your body and if it gets started in a cell in your earlobe a tumor will form there. This tumor can look like a lump in earlobe and appear as a hard lump.

Clogged sebaceous gland

This is also referred to as sebaceous cysts which are benign. The body of the cysts is filled with oil and dead skin cells and is painless unless they become infected. This type of cysts develops on the earlobe and not under your skin.

Epidermoid cysts

These are small bumps that develop under your skin and can be moved around using your fingers. Because these types of cysts can turn into cancer if the lump in earlobe is not gone in a week or two you should have it evaluated by your physician to rule out cancer.

Allergic reaction to some metal

A person can have a lump in earlobe develop after wearing an earring made of the offending metal. This lump can be a little painful but this is because of your body’s histamine reaction. It is not a sign of infection.

Trauma to the earlobe

Having a scratch or cut on your ear can cause a lump in earlobe as it heals. You might also have a temporary lump on earlobe if you get stung by a bee or have an insect bite there. Using non-sterile equipment to pierce your ears can also cause trauma to your earlobe. Inserting dirty earrings into a piercing can also cause a lump on earlobe.

Treatment for Lump in Earlobe

Most of the lumps on earlobe will resolve on their own but if they do not or start to become larger and more painful it is time to see your physician. If the lump in earlobe does not resolve on its own your physician can treat it with steroids in order to reduce the inflammation or remove it surgically using a small incision. There are some lumps in earlobe that be removed with lasers. It is not uncommon for the lump in earlobe to come back in the same location even after having them surgically removed.

Pictures of Lump in Earlobe

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