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Manuka Honey for Acne

Last reviewed by Dr. Raj MD on January 12th, 2022.

You might not be aware of this fact but Manuka honey is one of the most recommended natural remedies for acne, helping you obtain a clear and bright complexion. Apart from the fact that it can heal the scars caused by acne, it can also hydrate and brighten the skin, so you definitely need to find out more information on this rather interesting remedy.

Manuka honey is harvested in New Zealand, being often recommended because of its antibacterial properties. People have been using this natural remedy for centuries, applying it as wound dressing. The usage of Manuka honey is not arbitrary, given the fact that it has a remarkable ability heal wounds and prevent the bacterial overgrowth at the level of the respective wound. Specialists have developed the “unique Manuka factor”, which is a number scale system that can be used to determine both the potency of the antibacterial properties, as well as its quality. When it comes to using this remedy for acne, it is recommended that you choose a product that has a UMF of 16+ (more expensive but definitely worth it).

How Manuka Honey Works in Treating Acne?

If you have decided to use Manuka honey for acne, you should know that it has great anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to these properties, the natural remedy reduces both the swelling and redness caused by different acne lesions, including pimples and cysts (improvement of breakouts).

manuka honey for the treatment of acne

The antibacterial properties of the Manuka honey are quite beneficial for the acne lesions, reducing the severity of the breakouts and preventing secondary bacterial infections. If you apply Manuka honey on the skin, you will see that the acne lesions actually heal faster, with no nasty scars to worry about.

There is one more advantage that comes with using Manuka honey on your skin. Well, this natural remedy actually has a brightening effect on the skin, contributing to the prevention and reduction of acne-related scars. It hydrates and soothes the skin, representing the perfect natural remedy for different types of acne. It will also re-balance the skin, helping you escape the dryness or dehydration that comes with acne.

Is Manuka honey for Everyone?

Well, as much as we would like to say yes, Manuka honey is not effective on all people or on all types of acne. There are three possibilities here: one, it works amazingly and you are more than pleased with the current state of your complexion; two, it does nothing for your complexion; and three, it makes the skin acne worse.

The important thing is that you give it a try and see if it actually works for you or not. The beneficial properties of Manuka honey are true and it would be a shame not to give it a try. You need to apply the natural remedy on the skin for at least two weeks, before forming a final opinion. In the majority of the cases, beneficial results are seen after this two-week period, with the skin being clearer and the complexion brighter.

How to use Manuka honey for Acne

There are different ways in which you can use Manuka honey as a natural remedy against acne. You can turn Manuka honey into a highly-efficient cleanser or use it as a mask. Some people use the natural remedy as overnight or spot treatment.

Manuka honey cleanser

If you have decided to use Manuka honey as a cleanser, you should know that this option is perfect for removing bacteria gathered at the level of the skin. This is recommended in the situation that you do not like to spend too much time with the sticky honey on the skin (for the final step, you will rinse it off). If you get accustomed to using Manuka honey as a daily cleanser, you will soon notice that it makes the skin softer. This option might also be good for those who have a sensitive type of skin – due to the fact that it does not stay for too long on the skin, it is a good way to benefit from its natural properties.

manuka honey cleansers

The Manuka honey cleanser is recommended to be applied on the dry skin. The first thing that you need to do is remove any makeup or skin care products you are wearing. You need the face or other skin area to be clean for this application. For the next step, massage the skin for about half a minute, so as to reduce the congestion at the level of the skin. The Manuka honey cleanser can be easily removed with a warm wash cloth. After the application, you can apply your regular moisturizer. If you have an oily skin, it might be a good idea to repeat the application right away. For the second application, you leave the honey on the skin for a little bit longer, so as to moisturize the skin.

Manuka honey weekly mask

manuka honey face mask
There are numerous benefits that come with the Manuka honey mask, including the relaxation and healing of the skin. In the situation that you have a lot of acne scars and you are complexed by the overall redness of the skin, this remedy is the perfect choice. The antibacterial properties will protect the skin against bacterial overgrowth, reducing the chance for breakouts. Apart from that, this mask can help with the balancing of the skin, having a brightening effect and actually causing your skin to glow.

The first thing that you want to do is cleanse your face, removing any makeup. Then, apply a thick layer of Manuka honey on the skin. You can use a teaspoon, in order to avoid getting too dirty. The honey will have to be massaged into the skin and left on between 30 minutes and 1 hour. You will have to decide for how long to keep the mask on, in accordance of your skin type. In the situation that you notice your skin becomes red or irritated, you should remove the mask. An alternative to this mask is to soak gauze strips in honey, applying them to the face. In this way, the honey remains in complete contact with the skin, this option being recommended for the healing of the acne-related scars.

Manuka honey as overnight treatment

Using Manuka honey as overnight treatment is recommended in the situation that you have a lot of scars on your skin, caused by acne (better healing process). The natural remedy will soften and brighten your skin, allowing you to wake up in the morning refreshed and with a natural glow. There are no better other remedies for healing acne scars as Manuka honey; apart from that, it will soothe the skin and eliminate the associated redness. In the situation that your skin is dry and dehydrated, this overnight treatment will work wonders.

Start by applying a thin layer of Manuka honey on the clean skin, followed by a skin massage. Be sure to place a towel over your pillow, so as not to damage the pillow case with the sticky honey. In the morning, rinse it off with warm water.

Manuka honey as spot treatment

If you are tired of pimples and breakouts, try out Manuka honey and you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect, you can reduce the inflammation, allowing for both pimples and cysts to heal out faster. Plus, you will only have to use a small quantity of the honey, in order for the effects to show.

Start by cleansing your face thoroughly and apply a small quantity of honey over each pimple, cyst or whitehead. In order for the honey to remain in contact with the skin, be sure to apply a Band-Aid over it. The best results are obtained when you maintain the treatment overnight but you can get some incredible results by leaving it on for just half an hour. The honey can be easily removed with warm water and a washcloth. Thanks to its natural properties, you can say goodbye not only to the inflammation but also to the overall redness or infection in each acne lesion. The healing process is improved and you will see that many pimples have stopped progressing, just because you have applied the Manuka honey.

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