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How long does Klonopin stay in your system?

Last reviewed by Dr. Raj MD on January 12th, 2022.

Klonopin belongs to the benzodiazepine drug category. It is used to treat acute epileptic disorders, anxiety disorders, and plays an important role in the management of various health conditions such as acute mania, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

However, Klonopin should only be used short-term because its long-term use can lead to serious medical conditions such as depression, dementia, impaired learning, and the likes. (1, 2)

How long does Klonopin stay in your system – infographic

How long does Klonopin stay in the system infographic


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Image 1: Klonopin 2 mg tablet.
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Detecting Klonopin in your system

If you abruptly stop taking Klonopin, you will experience some sort of discomfort. If you plan to stop taking Klonopin, then you need to inform your doctor.

The dose should be tapered down until such time that your body is used to not having Klonopin. To find out how long Klonopin stay in your system, it is important to find out the half-life of the drug. Klonopin’s active ingredient is Klonopin, which has a half-life of 30 to 40 hours.

Hence, it would take around 1 to 2 days to eliminate half of the drug. (1, 2, 3)

Factors that affect the elimination of Klonopin from the body

  • Age – Older people may take longer to completely clear Klonopin from the body than that of the younger population.
  • Body mass – The greater the body mass the faster it is to eliminate Klonopin from the body.
  • Food intake – Taking Klonopin with food prolongs its absorption, which means that it may take longer to excrete Klonopin from the body.
  • Liver function – Those with a liver problem may need more time to metabolize Klonopin and eventually excrete them from the body.
  • Metabolic rate – The person’s basal metabolic rate can significantly affect the ability to metabolize and excrete drugs. The higher the basal metabolic rate the faster it is for the body to excrete Klonopin.
  • Urine pH – The pH level of urine can greatly affect the excretion of Klonopin. The more acidic the urine’s pH level the faster it is to clear Klonopin.
  • Frequency of use – Those people who have been taking Klonopin for a long period of time will take more time to completely eliminate the drug from the body than those who take Klonopin for a few days. The longer you use it the more it will accumulate in the body.
  • Dosage – Someone who takes a low single dose of Klonopin will likely to excrete the drug faster than someone who takes multiple doses or higher dose. (3, 4, 5, 6)

Checking the presence of Klonopin in the body

There are various testing methods used to check for the presence of Klonopin in the body. These are the following:

Urine Test

A clean-catch urine is checked for Klonopin metabolites, specifically 7-amino-Klonopin. It remains in the urine for up to five days after the last dose of Klonopin. The urine test is the most preferred method because it is non-invasive, fast, and has a long detection window.

A person who takes a high dose of Klonopin may come up with a positive result for up to a month after the last dose. (5, 6)

Hair Follicle Test

A hair sample is collected to check for the presence of Klonopin metabolite. It provides a long detection window (up to four months from the last use).

However, if you want to detect recent Klonopin use, then the hair follicle test is not helpful. It would take weeks after the last ingestion of Klonopin for its metabolites to show up in the hair follicle. (6, 7)

Saliva Test

How long does Klonopin stay in your saliva? An oral fluid is taken from a person’s mouth and check for Klonopin and its metabolites. The metabolite, specifically 7-ACLO can be detected in the saliva for up to six days after the last dose.

It is a simple, convenient, and efficient way of checking Klonopin in the person’s system. However, there is a possibility that it would lead to a false positive result because Klonopin and its metabolites can appear in the oral fluid during intoxication. (6, 7)

Blood Test

A blood sample is collected about two hours after taking Klonopin. How long does Klonopin stay in the blood? Klonopin has a long half-life and it is possible to still detect Klonopin in the blood after several days of taking it. (7)

Refer to the table below:

Testing Method Klonopin Drug Test Detection Time
Urine test Up to five days after the last intake
Hair follicle Test Up to four months after the last intake
Saliva Test Up to six days after the last intake
Blood Test 2 to 3 days after the last intake

Who are candidates for Klonopin testing?

A Klonopin drug testing is rarely ordered. However, there are instances when it is necessary. People who might be tested for Klonopin include the following:

  • Truck drivers
  • Pilots
  • Athletes
  • Military troops
  • Drug addicts
  • Criminals
  • Employees
  • Hospital patients (8, 9)

What can you do to get rid of Klonopin?

If you have been using Klonopin for quite a while now and finally decided to quit, then you need some medical supervision. There could be some withdrawal symptoms, especially if you stop taking it abruptly.

It could cause nausea, anxiety, profuse sweating, panic attacks, and seizure. Under the supervision of a medical specialist, you will be able to know the safest and quickest way to get rid of Klonopin. Some of the recommended ways to hasten the removal of Klonopin and its metabolites from the body are the following:

  • Get rid of excess body fat – Klonopin is a lipophilic agent, which means that it binds to fat. Getting rid of excess fat in the body can help hasten the excretion of Klonopin. There are various ways to get rid of excess body fat such as exercising and dieting.
  • Acidification – The more acidic your urine’s pH and body the faster it is to eliminate Klonopin and its metabolites. There are many ways to acidify your body such as increasing your intake of meat, grains, and berries. You have to do this with a supervision of a nutritionist. Going overboard can lead to acidosis.
  • Hydration – Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and natural fruit juices. It will help you urinate more thereby excreting Klonopin and its metabolites through your urine.
  • Activated charcoal – It works best for everyone regardless of the drugs taken. An activated charcoal plays an important role in the detoxification process. What it does is it picks up drug remnants that could be circulating throughout the body. It cleanses the body of drugs and toxins.
  • Taper the dose – It is important to gradually taper down the dose so as to minimize withdrawal symptoms and prevent further complications.

Klonopin addiction is something that should not be taken lightly. A Klonopin addict should be placed in a rehab facility where he can be supervised by a team of medical experts. In a rehab facility, the patient will receive mood-stabilizing drugs to minimize withdrawal symptoms. The medical team will come up with a detox plan that suits the patient’s needs. (6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Disclaimer:Klonopin is a prescription drug and should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional. The purpose of this article is to draw awareness and information about Klonopin and its effects on the body. The sole purpose of this article is for education and awareness. Taking Klonopin against the advice of your doctor can lead to serious health complications. Let this article be a guide to come up with healthy life choices.


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