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Inflamed Taste Bud

The taste bud is an essential tool for our sense of taste. The mere swelling of our taste buds can hinder one to detect the saltiness, sourness, bitterness, sweetness and savories of food and drinks. These buds are located inside our mouth prominently around the tongue and some on the soft palate, esophagus and epiglottis. The tip of our tongues can detect sweetness. The back our tongues can sense bitterness. Salty foods can be identified at the sides of our tongue while sour taste can be sensed on the lateral side of the tongue. Our tongue is composed of approximately 2,000 to 8,000 of taste buds. These tiny taste receptors are large in number indeed and can be irritated and look swollen. Inflammation can worsen into complications if not treated immediately. But proper identification of the causes can pave the way of treating the swelling.

Inflamed Taste Bud Causes

There are various causes responsible for the inflammation of our taste buds. It is said that irritants are highly causative for this condition. These include:

  • Hot and spicy foods or drinks – consuming these kinds of food can irritate or burn our taste buds.
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke – this toxic material can irritate or even aggravate the presence of inflammation. Alcohol and exposure to insecticides are also included in the list.
  • Ingestion of foods or drinks that one is allergic with and are too acidic to handle – common foods that people are allergic to and are too acidic are lemons, grapefruits, sauces, seafood and the like.
  • Mouth infections – individuals who have acquired mouth ulcers or infections in the first place are very susceptible for inflaming their taste buds. Oral thrush or oral yeast infections are common roots for the inflammation of taste buds.
  • Mouth ulcers – these ulcers can be very irritating to our oral membranes and can involve the tongue. Tongue involvement can make one vulnerable for inflaming our taste buds.
  • Lack of nutrients – specific nutrients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C and folate can predispose one for acquiring mouth problems. With the emergence of mouth troubles, the inclusion of the tongue and taste buds may be expected.
  • History of oral surgery – specific surgical procedures such as laryngectomy (removal of the entire larynx) can have an outcome of inflamed taste buds.
  • Physical injury – injury of the tongue is one of the common causes for starting an inflammation.

Inflamed Taste Bud Treatment

First of all, one should prevent the emergence of this condition. In order to do that, awareness of the possible causes of this condition is a must. We need to prevent by identifying the cause of this condition and avoid the occurrence of an inflamed taste bud. We need to avoid the following:

  • Food prepared as too hot and spicy, and food that one is allergic with
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Ingestion of toxic material such as alcohol, insecticides, poison and irritating solutions
  • Trauma to the oral orifice especially the mouth

Application of glycerin to the area of the tongue affected can lighten the swelling. The swelling of our taste buds could have emerged because of underlying causes. It is highly advisable that one should consult the doctor to seek proper care and remedy.

Inflamed Taste Bud Remedies

Home remedies are one of the first aid treatments done for a swollen taste bud. The following treatments presented below are helpful tips in reducing the inflammation of the taste buds:

  • Mouth gargles: in a warm glass of water mix some salt (1 teaspoon). Use this gargle thrice a day to relieve the swelling. The warm water facilitates good blood flow that can help in the treatment process.
  • Application of ice directly on the affected part of the tongue can relieve the swelling. Do not apply the ice for a long period of time for this can impede the blood circulation. Eating or chewing ice chips can also be of help in the process of recuperation.
  • Application of baking soda on the swollen taste buds can reduce the inflammation.
  • Using honey as an oral swish can induce healing process.
  • The use of garlic, ginger and pepper at the same time can reduce the proposed infection (if there is one) that must have caused the inflammation. Use it three to four times a day to help in the healing process.

Inflamed Taste Bud Pictures

  1. Sallie Clackley

    What causes you to have the taste of salt in your mouth all the time. I just went thru a serious surgery and came out with a bad tongue issue and now I cannot get the salt taste to go away.

  2. my toung has a lot for infectid tast buds and it herts realy bad in there any ways to cure then?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mistahbudweezah

    This is interesting, can inflamed taste buds happen on one part of the tongue?

  4. what can I use on it to help heel it

  5. I taste salt in everything, I eat. My doctor does not know why. The papillae’s are inflammed too! Any help

  6. I have found individuel swollen taste buds or clusters can be safely treated, by pulverizing a vitamin C tablet with a mortar and pestle and applying the powder directly on to the inflamed areas repeating as needed throughout the day, especially after meals, following toothbrushing, and repeating as needed.

    You can reduce or prevent re emergence of this painful inflammation by following proper oral hygiene practices. It is not enough to just brush and floss your teeth and gums, a thorough brushing of the tongue with a soft bristle toothbrush, being careful not to scrub yourself raw, but being sure to cleanse and exfoliate the entire surface, top, bottom, sides, front to back.

    Many simple compounds, such as sugars, alcohol, and vitamins can be absorbed directly through the skin. Vitamin C will kill many common infectious organisms avoiding the risks of antibiotics or toxic chemicals and maintaining a theroputic level of C has been shown to help fight many forms of cancer.

    Many kinds of Opertunistic infection may be a symptom of a compromised immune system, stress and or general poor health. Consult your doctor to rule out serious concerns.

  7. I have gerd very bad. My stomach burns all the way up through my esophagus and into my mouth. My tongue burns like crazy and I have inflared taste buds. The back of my tongue is all white and you can see little blood vessels going through my tongue. There is also red bumps. My intire mouth burns and my saliva is like acid. My tongue is raw and I feel very weak. I have pressure in my lungs and my heart is beating fast. I can’t stand it!!! Can anyone please help me???

  8. Is it normal to have enlarged taste buds at the back of your tongue? As I have one spot at the back of my tongue that is bigger than all the others, is this normal?

  9. grapefruit and pineapple causes these sores or enflamed tastebuds for me

  10. i had a friend who was a nurse and she insisted on popping them off like a pimple, or just grabbing it with hemostats and pulling the affected bud off.


    never tried it myself, though watching her get over it in a second as opposed to me being uncomfortable for days was tempting.

  11. The first part about tasting bitter, sweet, sour etc on different parts of our tongue is incorrect-We taste these flavors all over our tongue.

  12. I have a few enlarged taste buds at the tip of my tongue. Very uncomfortable. I will gargle with salt and water and also apply a crushed vitamin c tablet . After that I’ll apply baking soda. Hope it works! Will let you know:)

  13. My tongue has swollen taste buds at the back. I thought they were normal until they started getting bigger and now they spreading forward into the tongue. Please help me

  14. I recently got my tongue pierced and you are supposed to rinse with salt water. I was doing this after everything I are but te taste buds on the very front and sides of my tongue because inflamed and are excruciating. Could this be causes but too much salt?

  15. I have giant inflamed tastebuds and it is painful!

  16. I got an expander a few days ago and now I have inflamed taste buds. I haven’t ate anything strange but is it possible to get them when your mouth becomes stressed?

  17. My tongue has white blotches on it and they are very irritating.. is this normal?

  18. I just clip em off with fingernail clippers

  19. Hi one thing i know works is diluting honey into water and drink it

  20. i wonder if certain meds will cause it

  21. I keep getting swollen taste buds at the tip of my tongue, i asked a doc that i work with about it and she didn’t have any answers to help. Any ideas?

  22. I get these all the time ! Such a pain and I always rub em against my teeth grr.. i cut them off with clean, sterilized cuticle cutters.. doesnt hurt too bad, causes some bleeding but it makes them heal instantly !

  23. Hardened tender spot in middle of the tongue.

  24. I am feeling too much salt in everything I eat. My taste is gone 90% , mean I don’t feel the taste just
    I am chewing the Salt in my mouth.
    What should I do ?

  25. Im not sure if my tastebuds are swollen my tip of my tongue hurts when i drink and eat its very painful any ideas wat it is and has a yellowish color even after i brush my teeth

  26. I pinch or pull mine off…immediately it is better and I have no long term trouble. It heals VERY quickly!

  27. I get them a few times a year….around the tip and back about an inch….use a 10x magnification mirror…..clip it off with a finger nail clipper….touch of blood ……. pain gone instantly. I have been doing this since I was 12 or so and am now 71l

  28. The only quick way to get rid of an inflamed taste bud is to use a little Lip Medex by blistex. Lightly wipe your finger across the Lip Medex like you are going to use it on your lips. Apply to the affected area of your tongue. You don’t need alot a light application will work. Don’t drink any liquids for about 30 minutes after applying it. So if you think you might get thirsty drink some water before applying it. Your inflamed taste bud should almost be cured in about an hour. If after one day still feeling some pain repeat the procedure the following day. Mine was almost completely gone within 3o minutes.


  29. I also have this!! I just began to notice I have a few pretty small bumps on the back of my tongue, I just started using listerine… Which is very hot, and I can barely hold it in my mouth for very long… Could this be causing it?? Should I go see a doctor?!

  30. I have a bud on tip of tongue.been there a few years I guess.I have had a lot of stress lately.now the one bud has raised up enough.I have been trying to bit it of its light pink in color.it look a little long.I looked in mirror and notice it raised up more than I have ever seen.it started out as a clear bud.now still clear light pink???? What in the world?

  31. I had some spicy food as a restaurant and then came home to have some orange juice. Could that be the cause? i though i was having an allergic reaction, i have a bunch of bright red spots on the tip of my tongue.

  32. This article seems helpful. But the writer has made the mistake of mentioning the tongue map as being factual. It was disproved decades ago…

  33. I tried the vitamin C thing, and it burned a little, seems like it was a helpful thing. I’ll keep doing that. Not sure how an inflamed tastebud even happened I have great oral hygiene. I’m sorta a hygiene freak so this is weirding me out… thanks for the treatment tips!

  34. I have 6 white like bumps across the back of my tounge

  35. Eloise, yes it is very normal. Every person had smaller taste buds and where your mouth meets your throat they are much bigger

  36. I had one bud inflamed in the middle then one on the right hand side, both were excruciating. I took some airborne and they were gone the next day. Plus, I went out side and got indirect sun light. I hope I don’t ever get again.

  37. Yes, that is normal. At least my whole life, that is how my tongue has been.

  38. I have one very large hard bump in back of my throat on my toung. I can’t see it but I can feel it. I am scared. Can anyone help me?

  39. The tip of my tongue hurts a lot and everything i tried doesn’t work or makes it worse… what can i do to stop this? It looks like the taste buds are about to fall off

  40. I have very enlarge taste buds my tongue is so sore i can hardly shut my mouth i got the swelled buds all over from the back to the tip. Very painful can’t eat or sleep help me.

  41. Foliate papillae are located on the lateral aspects of the tongue. The structure indicated in the back is actually the lingual tonsil.

  42. The taste buds at the back of my tongue are enlarged, I can feel them against the top area of my throat when I swallow. My tongue is also a dark color with a greenish tinge to it (color of spinach). I’ve brushed it with my toothbrush but it hasn’t gone away, it’s been like this for several days. I’ve been using a pre-brushing oral rinse that helps whiten teeth and a whitening toothpaste to follow for weeks, could this be causing it? My puppy tries to lick my nose on the inside (which is gross) and has caught me unawares; I’m wondering if her saliva could possibly have caused my symptoms. I feel fine otherwise; I’ve been searching for answers on google but haven’t found much help. If you can give me any answers to what causes and how to alleviate these symptoms, I’d be very appreciative.

  43. My daughter gets one swollen taste bud on the very tip of her tongue. It kinda looks like a blister, but I know that’s not what it is. It goes away after a period of time, but then comes back. Sometimes it may be a couple of months, sometimes it’s a few days. What would be a good treatment I could use to keep this under control?

  44. If this helps I used a small cup of mouth wash for about a minute then I spit rinsed
    After don’t eat anything and don’t scratch the tongue with your teeth hope it helps

  45. I have taste buds on the tip of my tongue that have gone really big when I eat any food it hurts nothing else is wrong no puss or red tongue just my taste buds there big and they hurt when I eat. I don’t know what to do they been on my tongue for a few weeks now and I haven’t been able to eat very much cause it hurts so now since I haven’t really eaten I have a really bed headache and I can’t sleep cause of it. I got a headache because I wasn’t eating even drinking water hurts it I’m so angry now cause I can’t eat and I have a bad headache I have taken Tylenol and anything that will get rid of the headaches but nothing will really work and since I can’t sleep I have had many many late nights which also causes headaches it is really painful I really just want these taste buds gone and the headache.

  46. it is comforting to know others also have this issue. my best cure is to remove the white painfull tastebud, which i allways get before and illness or fighting one.

  47. I’ve heard that the tongue is an indicator that something in your gut is not right. Like when your tongue is coated. My mom use to make me take a laxative if my tongue got that gross white film on it or if I had bad breath. But I don’t know what an enlarged taste bud is from. Wish I knew cause it’s painful.

  48. My tongue was very swollen with swollen taste buds. Very very painful. What i finally found was that the taste buds were swollen because of an infection inside my tongue was pushing them out. I tried oil pulling and bentonite clay. It tastes horrible but when i put it on my tongue the clay started pulling all the infection out. It acts like a magnet and pulls out the infection. It hadn’t occurred to me that it was coming from inside my tongue and that’s why my taste buds were so swollen and painful. The oil pulling worked well to get the swelling down but the clay was actually pulling out white pieces of pus. REALLY gross…but it works like nothing else i tried. I use olive oil for the oil pulling. It supposedly has the best results. Coconut oil is supposed to work well too.

  49. I just used a pair of nail clippers and clipped it of… no pain and it just bled a little bit. It is certainly the way to go if I were you.

  50. The best way to soothe the pain of a swollen tastebud is to rinse your mouth with Listerine mouthwash. If you have Listerine breath strips, put one of those on your tounge in the area where the swollen tastebud is and that really helps also. Good luck!!!????

  51. Seriously this works! I clipped it off with finger nail clippers and the pain was gone!

  52. I am sick with strep and my taste buds are really inflamed on the sides and the tip of my tongue.Can anyone give me any advice or remedies to heal faster? because I’m going to alabama in two days and i would like it to be healed.

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